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We are so excited to announce that Documentation Insight ships now.

We have updated the website you can download the latest version from the page. It’s recommended that you visit the product page at We made a flash video to demonstrate how Documentation Insight helps you visually read and write documentation in the IDE.

Here is the change log since the Beta 3:

+ Support Delphi 7 (No Vcl Help Integration)
+ Support for members of an enumeration type
* Adjusted some layout of the toolbars
# Fixed a potential AV bug when closing the IDE while DI is floating.
# Fixed the Enter issue in a Code Editor
# Fixed the navigation issue when clicking a hyperlink in Vcl doc.
# Fixed two issues on layout
# Handled the exception when failed to parse xml doc
# Fixed a location issue for the first member of a type
# Fixed missing type information of a global variable

You may visit the Downloads page to download the full-functional 15 day trial version. If you can benefit from this product, please purchase a license. We offer 50% discount until Dec. 10th, 2010. You mustn’t miss it.

DevJET Software
Nov. 28th, 2010

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Comments (4)

  • Claudio Piffer




    I love DI. Just purchased!

    Best Regads



    • Paul


      Thank you so much! Enjoy it!
      If there is anything that we can do, please let us know.


  • Jurij


    Does the licence include all updates and upgrades?


    • Paul


      Hi, Jurij,

      At present, we just provide Single User license which allows only a person to use the product. The owner can install the product for all supported Delphi IDEs. There is no limitation on computers to install the product with the license.

      The license includes all *Free Minor Updates* (V1.x) and no-time limited support services. (You can also check out V1.x roadmap)

      For major upgrades (e.g. From V1.x to V2.x), normally you need to charge a fee (maybe 50% of the license fee).


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