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I love Documentation Insight. It makes writing inline documentation a breeze.  I’ve written tons more documentation with it than I would have without it.  Don’t even think about trying to document your code without Documentation Insight.

I’ve been using Documentation Insight since it first came out. It has made documenting our commercial Delphi Library (ESBPCS) much easier – and I also document my client work far better than before. I was very please to see Embarcadero bundle DI with Delphi – but would encourage fellow developers to grab the “full” version, as it gets regular updates and keeps getting better and better. Looking forward to using Help & Manual integration 🙂

Glenn Crouch, Manager Software DevelopmentESB Consultancy

Documentation Insight makes commenting very easy and first time in my career I like to add comments to my code (because it makes also my work easier..)

Jukka L

Documentation Insight makes writing documentation easy and makes it visually appealing to read. I noticed an immediate increase in the amount of documentation my team is producing.

David Novo, PresidentDe Novo Software

Documenting code is a boring and tedious job. Documentation Insight is the only tool that manages to convince me to just do it.

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