Documentation Insight V1.3.1 (Build 98) Released

Written by Baoquan Zuo on . Posted in Documentation Insight

This minor update of Documentation Insight includes some nice enhancements on the WYSIWYG editor:

+ Added Undo/Redo support for all actions (<c>, <paramref>, <note>, etc)

* Automatically add new line when pasting to an editable table such as exceptions, seealso, etc

* Improved double-clicking behavior

1) Selecting adjacent word without space

2) Selecting entire <see> element in editing mode

# Fixed wrong documentation of unit when applying region directive

# Fixed a bug on License Validation

Please go to the Downloads page to get the latest version.

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Comments (4)

    • Paul


      Hi, Jurij, it works in my machine so may I ask what version your OS & IE is. Or any reproduce steps?


      • Jurij


        IE8 and Win 7 x64 Ultimate, but…
        …today it is working normally, it’s magic

        sorry for the confusion 😐


        • Paul


          That’s ok… If you experience this issue again, please pay attention to the environment. Thank you!


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