Documentation Insight V1.2.3 Released

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Documentation Insight is an add-in which helps you visually read and write xml documentation in Delphi IDE. Now the V1.2.3 is released with several improvements.

The following snapshots illustrate the main changes:

As you can see in the snapshot, the focused editable element will be highlighted. When you enable the new “Automatically save documentation” option, the documentation will be automatically updated and inserted into the source code whenever there is any change. There is also a Fold (Collapse) button in the toolbar which can fold all documentation regions in the source code.

More options (as well as customizable documentation styles) are provided in this version:

General Options

In the Documentation page, you can customize your documentation styles especially the region directives.


1. When you selected one style and then pressed the OK button, the style will be active and it will be applied when documentation is saved. (You can also select the active style by clicking the drop down menu of the Tools button in the toolbar)

2. There must be a ‘%S’ in the start region directive where the argument “%S” will be filled with the caption determined by the caption style.

3. You can quickly change the current active documentation style by select one style in the drop-down menu of the main editor tools button.

4. Integration with customized Help Insight template will be available in the next version.

5. All options are shared by all IDEs now

Please visit the Downloads page to get this download.

What’s NEXT?

  • More support on references (<see>, <seealso>)
  • Enhance the syntax parser and automatic hyper links
  • Support the include directive ({$I} ) and conditional compile
  • User Experience Improvement
  • More detailed help documentation (User Manual)

If there is anything that we can do for you, please let us know.

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Change Log:


+ Added a tool button to fold all documentation regions

+ Added options to define customize different documentation styles (including start and end region directives)

+ Added an option to automatically save documentation into the source code (every 500 ms)

+ Added an option to automatically save source code when updating documentation

+ Added a button to restore all general options

+ Support Delphi 2009

* Several improvements on writing documentation

1) Switch automatically to the editing mode when pressed the shortcut on a code element that has no documentation

2) Remove unnecessary tab indexes in the editing mode to save time

3) Highlight the current focused element

* No line break will be added after the following tokens: unit, type, var, class var, threadvar, const, private, protected, public, published.

# Fixed the bug when using this style: “[NoCopy] [NoCopy] property …”

# Fixed the paint bug when locating a code element in a folded region

# Fixed a potential bug that DI can’t be shown when resaving the desktop layout while it was closed and saved before

# Fixed the bug of transforming the strike/del tag