ANN: Documentation Insight Released (Support XE6)

Written by Baoquan Zuo on . Posted in News

We have released a minor update for Documentation Insight, with the following changes:

2014-04-15 V3.1.4.15
Added: Support for RAD Studio XE6
Fixed: Character entities (such as <) of inline XMLDoc may be splitted into different lines
Fixed: Unexpected spaces may be added adjacent to punctuations of XMLDoc when wrapping text
Fixed: Compatible Region Directives corrupted when XMLDoc ends with empty tags such as
Fixed: Unbalanced stack or queue operation occurred when incomplete conditional directives ({$ELSE})
Fixed: reghelp.exe doesn’t integrate into RAD Studio XE5 documentation
Improved: DocInsight.exe can now run without requesting Administrator permission


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Comments (2)

  • Daniel


    Seems like DocInsight.exe really doesn’t “NEED” administrator permission anymore. However since the embedded manifest still requests it, not much has changed.
    (I’ve replaced the manifest resource using a version with “asInvoker” –> seems to work)


    • Baoquan Zuo


      Hi Daniel, Thanks for the feedback. Must-Fixed in the next update. Finally got your comment in many spams : )


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