Preorder Documentation Generator by saving 30%

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DevJET Documentation Generator is a standalone application which extracts XMLDoc comments from Delphi source files and produces professional help files, including web pages (html), CHM and Microsoft Help V2.0 files that could be integrated into RAD Studio Documentation (2005-XE2).

Here are some snapshots and online demos of the generated help files of the Spring4D project:

Web page (Online Demo:

CHM file (Online demo:

Notes: For security reason, you need to unblock the downloaded chm file by right clicking the Properties of the file in Windows Explorer. See this snapshot:

MSHelp V2 file (Integrated with RAD Studio Documentation)

We have also created an online documentation for Nick Hodges‘ HtmlWriter project 🙂

Good News: The first public Beta is scheduled on August 15th, 2012 and you may now preorder the product by saving 30%.

Buy NOW  149 EUR  (99 EUR, Single Developer License)

Coupon Code: DocGen-SHOT

Due Date: August 1st, 2012

We provide 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. You can get full refund for the first 30 days if our products can’t meet your need. We use Share It! as our online order provider and we do not have access to your financial information.

P.S. We are going to support generating Help & Manual projects in later releases. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

ANN: Documentation Insight V2.3.4.21 Released

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This minor update V2.3.4.21 includes the following changes:

Added Fold Documentations
Added Check Updates
Support hyperlink in Exceptions/SeeAlso section
Optimized Load Performance for Documentation Explorer
Show the code elements, which are in implementation section, in Documentation Explorer
Fixed a crash issue when closing IDE
Fixed the issue of hung up on uncompleted generic constraints
Fixed a name resolution issue for generic types (e.g. Nullable`1)
Fixed the installation failure of the customized Help Insight template
Fixed the shortcut of Insert hyperlink (Ctrl+K)


DevJet Software
April 21th, 2012

Documentation Insight V2 Professional Released

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Finally, we have shipped Documentation Insight V2 Professional. Visit the What is New page to see the new highlights and improvements introduced in V2.

For those who pre-ordered the upgrade license and purchased V1 since Sep. 1st, 2011, we have sent you the new serial number and activation code. Please check out your inbox.

It is necessary to download the latest installer and then use the new license to activate the product.

If you have any question, please write to us at

Documentation Insight V2 Beta1 Invitation

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We are currently preparing the first beta release of Documentation Insight V2. This version includes several highlights and many improvements:

1. Live Documentation Explorer

The Documentation Explorer will construct the code structure of the projects in a second. It makes it easier to understand the code library and document your code. We plan to add syntax definition, object graph, edit member summary, auto sync, and more features in future releases.

2. Live Spell Check

With the integration of Addict4, it is possible to perform live spell check while writing documentation. (Only available in the Design mode)

3. Documentation Formatter

This tool helps you format all well-formatted xml documentation to the new style for better readability (Good for V1.x users). It also solves some other issues (e.g.  line breaks for <see> tag causes compiler xmldoc generation failed)  .


4. Validate XML Documentation

This feature will check all xml documentation and show invalid pieces in the Messages window. It makes it easier to correct all xmldoc comments errors.

5. Easier to add a code reference

A live code structure tree will be shown in the Hyperlink window.

* Improved XMLDoc formatting for better readability

* Support Unicode Documentation

Support More Code Elements (Project/Package/Library/ResourceStrings/NestedRoutines)

Support Events

Support Parameters/Return Type for Procedural Types

Integration with latest Enhanced Help Insight template

Many bug fixes



You can use V1.x serial number and activation code to register this Beta version, otherwise, it will be run as Trial Version.  However, it will be expired on April 1st, 2012. You need to uninstall it then.

Note: All prepaid customers will get email notifications when the new registration is ready. Thanks for you continued support!!


Known Issues:

* The installer doesn’t uninstall V1.x version if you have installed them.

* DI will eat line breaks when you write code samples in the WYSIWYG editor

* The Help documentation has not been included yet

* Delphi7 has not been supported due to some external issues


If you have any problems, please write to use at

Some news about Documentation Insight V2.0

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You might have noticed that there are so many highlights in Documentation Insight V2.0 which was mentioned in last post. Recently, we have been asked by so many Delphi Developers about the timeline of Documentation Insight V2.

Here are two snapshots to show the power of the new version.

Take #1 You may browse all members in a Namepsace, including classes, structures, interfaces and global functions, etc. All links are live and can be navigated.

The following snapshot shows the member list of a certain type (class/structure/interface), still, you can click a certain member to view its details.


Actually, we were extremely busy on a daily company project in recent weeks which postponed the progress of DI V2.x.  We will continue the development of V2.0 in a few weeks.


Due to the huge work of DI V2, the new price will be adjusted to 99 EURO.

We also decided that if you purchase the V1.x before Dec 1th, 2011, You will be able to upgrade to V2.x for FREE.

Thanks for you continued support, all of you!

Baoquan Zuo (Paul)

DevJET Software

Nov. 11th, 2011

Documentation Insight V2.0 Professional is coming

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The upcoming robust Documentation Insight V2.0 includes many highlights:

  1. Live Documentation Explorer
  2. Live Spell Check
  3. New XMLDoc Formatting for better readability
  4. Support Unicode Documentation
  5. Support More Code Elements (Project/Package/Library/ResourceStrings/NestedRoutines)
  6. Enhance the Add Hyperlink (Easier to add a code reference)
  7. Enhance automatical links (Especially for generic types. e.g. TDictionary<string, TPerson>)
  8. Integration with latest Enhanced Help Insight template
  9. Integration with latest Delphi Documentation Guidelines
  10. More…

The most significant feature is the Live Documentation Explorer, Here is a snapshot:

Just like a live “MSDN” library, Documentation Insight will instantly construct the structure from selected project files in a second so that it will be much easier to understand a library/application as well as document all code elements in a place. We also plan to allow you to document summary of members of structured types (class, record, interface, etc) in future releases (just like the present way to document enumerated types).

We will announce when the first Beta is available.

Thanks for you continued support, Please stay tuned 🙂

Documentation Insight V1.4.1 Released (Update for RAD Studio XE2)

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As RAD Studio XE2 has come out for some days, Documentation Insight V1.x has been updated to support the latest version.

This minor update V1.4.1.105 includes:

+Support RAD Studio XE2
* Highlight the current line when locating a code element (RAD Studio 2007 or higher)
# Fixed the issue of the integration with local VCL Documentation

The download is available at:


Note: The Documentation Insight V2.x is coming soon…

ANN: The Winners Who Got Free DI License

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Dear all, we launched a fun activity of getting a FREE Documentation Insight license and thanks for your participation.

Here listed the name of the three lucky fans:

1. Kenneth Cochran

Slogan: Effortless Code Documentation at Your Fingertips.

2. Chris Fieldhouse

Slogan: You’ve got to do it, we’ll make it easy!

3. Lachlan Gemmell

Slogan: Document your insights.

We are about to send a FREE license to you by email.

Congratulations to you, guys!

P.S. If you participated in this activity but not in this list, we also offer a special Discount opportunity for you (Up to 30% off).

Just drop an email to us: