Documentation Insight V1.4.1 Released (Update for RAD Studio XE2)

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As RAD Studio XE2 has come out for some days, Documentation Insight V1.x has been updated to support the latest version.

This minor update V1.4.1.105 includes:

+Support RAD Studio XE2
* Highlight the current line when locating a code element (RAD Studio 2007 or higher)
# Fixed the issue of the integration with local VCL Documentation

The download is available at:


Note: The Documentation Insight V2.x is coming soon…

Documentation Insight Express has been released with RAD Studio XE2

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Documentation Insight Express is a FREE edition distributed with Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 or higher. It supports most basic features to benefit common Delphi Developers. We also provide Professional and Enterprise editions to fulfill your professional requirements.

To compare the different editions, please visit:

Feature Matrix

To get more information, please visit

ANN: The Winners Who Got Free DI License

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Dear all, we launched a fun activity of getting a FREE Documentation Insight license and thanks for your participation.

Here listed the name of the three lucky fans:

1. Kenneth Cochran

Slogan: Effortless Code Documentation at Your Fingertips.

2. Chris Fieldhouse

Slogan: You’ve got to do it, we’ll make it easy!

3. Lachlan Gemmell

Slogan: Document your insights.

We are about to send a FREE license to you by email.

Congratulations to you, guys!

P.S. If you participated in this activity but not in this list, we also offer a special Discount opportunity for you (Up to 30% off).

Just drop an email to us:


A Free DI license for A Better Slogan

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Documentation Insight is the most powerful documentation add-in in the Delphi IDE. By its impressive WYSIWYG editor, you will be able to visually read your documentation in the source code and naturally write xml documentation.

NOW, we offer an opportunity to get a FREE license of the product if you could give us an Impressive slogan. You just need to leave your slogan as the comment of this post. We will choose a satisfied one.

Due Date: Jun 30th, 2011

Updated on Jun 11th, 2011: We have decided to Offer 3 FREE licenses for the Top Three slogans that will be determined by our team.

Updated on July 1st, 2011: This activity has been finished. The final winner list will be available in one week.

Note: The final decision will be made by ourselves.

DevJET Software

Documentation Insight V1.3.1 (Build 98) Released

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This minor update of Documentation Insight includes some nice enhancements on the WYSIWYG editor:

+ Added Undo/Redo support for all actions (<c>, <paramref>, <note>, etc)

* Automatically add new line when pasting to an editable table such as exceptions, seealso, etc

* Improved double-clicking behavior

1) Selecting adjacent word without space

2) Selecting entire <see> element in editing mode

# Fixed wrong documentation of unit when applying region directive

# Fixed a bug on License Validation

Please go to the Downloads page to get the latest version.

FREE Documentation Insight licenses for Active Open Source Projects

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There are so many good open source projects in the Delphi community and most of us can benefit from them. However, it often appears that we are not sure about the usage of a class, a method or a parameter as they are not documented in the source code.

Documentation Insight is a powerful documentation tool which can help us visually read and write documentation in the IDE. Many users are very pleased with it. We think it will be great if more and more open source projects are well documented. So if you are the author or one of major comitters of an active open source project, you may have an opportunity to get a FREE license of Documentation Insight.

Note: The donated license should be used for non-commericial use in principle but you can get a BIG discount if you wanna order it for commercial use.

To get more information on Documentation Insight, please visit the Product page:


A special release of Documentation Insight for Delphi 2009 Users

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We have been requested to support Delphi 2009 for Documentation Insight by several guys. Now it is coming…


  • You don’t need to install this version if you have not yet installed Delphi 2009.
  • This version is not intended to be a “final” release, so please don’t distribute it.

Known Issues:

For RAD Studio 2007/2009,  the integration with VCL API Documentation is only for experimental purpose as its structure is not so regular. It works great in RAD Studio 2010/XE.

More Help Insight Customization

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Documentation Insight has shipped and it supports most tags in the Delphi Documentation Guidelines.

Luckily, it’s possible to customize the built-in Help Insight to make it support the tags and look better. The following snapshots show our effort. : )

Updated: Feb, 7th, 2011, V0.9.2 released (Fixed the encoding issue)


Download Now

Additional Note

You should backup your local HelpInsight.xsl file and then extract the downloaded zip file to the corresponding location.

RAD Studio 2007 or 2009: {$BDS}\ObjRepos

RAD Studio 2010 or XE:  {$BDS}\ObjRepos\en


Hope you will like it. Any ideas or bug reports, Please leave us a message or write to us at

Copyright Note: It’s not allowed to distribute this package without the permission of DevJET. It’s recommended that you use a hyper link to this post.

Documentation Insight V1.x Roadmap

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Documentation Insight is an add-in which helps you visually read and write documentation in the Delphi / RAD Studio IDE. It has shipped.

We will keep improving this product. Here is the plan for V1.x:

1. Syntax Parser

  • Extract more metadata such as Parameter Optional/Default
  • Fix bugs in parsing some VCL units (implementation section)
  • Considering support for the {$I} directive
  • Considering support for the {$IF} and {$IFEND} directives
2. Editor
  • Improve the Code Editor
  • Add more short cuts
  • Improve User Experience (KEEP DOING)
  • Support the editing of <threadsafety> and <preliminary> tag.
  • Don’t insert a line break after some keywords such as var, type, private, etc. (DONE)
  • Collapse the generated region when saving doc (*)
  • Add a button to collapse all documentation regions in a source code file (*(DONE)
3. User Manual
  • Write more detailed user manual (chm)
  • Integrate latest Delphi Documentation Guidelines
4. Help Insight Transformation Template (DONE)
  • Provide a customizable template to make Help Insight support the syntax of all tags supported by DI.
  • Better looking and feel
5. Misc
  • Support RAD Studio 2009 (DONE)

Note: (*) These two features seems need extra support from Embarcadero since Open Tools API doesn’t provide any explicit function on some certain region.

We will do our best to achieve these goals but we have to say there is no any guarantee on this roadmap.

If you have any idea or wish, please leave us a message.

Baoquan Zuo (Paul)
DevJET Software