ANN: Documentation Insight Released (Support XE6)

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We have released a minor update for Documentation Insight, with the following changes:

2014-04-15 V3.1.4.15
Added: Support for RAD Studio XE6
Fixed: Character entities (such as <) of inline XMLDoc may be splitted into different lines
Fixed: Unexpected spaces may be added adjacent to punctuations of XMLDoc when wrapping text
Fixed: Compatible Region Directives corrupted when XMLDoc ends with empty tags such as
Fixed: Unbalanced stack or queue operation occurred when incomplete conditional directives ({$ELSE})
Fixed: reghelp.exe doesn’t integrate into RAD Studio XE5 documentation
Improved: DocInsight.exe can now run without requesting Administrator permission


Documentation Insight Subscription Migration

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Documentation Insight has been switched to subscription model for a while. Old non-subscription orders have been just imported to Subscriptions on FastSpring. Please be assured NO payment information is associated with the imported subscriptions.

The start date of your imported subscription is the original purchase date. The customers, those who purchased Documentation Insight before March 10th, 2013, you will be given an opportunity to renew your subscription from March 10th, 2014. (To get more information about the subscription model & renewal pricing, please visit

Since NO payment information is associated with the imported subscriptions, you will receive an email like “Documentation Insight Professional Subscription Payment Declined” before/on the end date of your subscription. You just need to update payment method and rebill to renew the subscription.

Or, If you do not want to use Documentation Insight, you may just safely cancel the subscription to avoid further notifications.

Anytime we CAN NOT and WILL NOT have your payment information. We are very sorry for any potential confuse in the migration process.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thanks for your understanding!

DevJet Software

ANN: Documentation Insight Released

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Documentation Insight has been released. This minor version includes a few bug fixes:

Fixed: Region Caption should ignore special characters ‘}’, ‘*)’
Fixed: Line break may be produced in region caption
Fixed: DocEditor shows nothing in Design mode when xmldoc has<exclude /> (IE10+)
Fixed: Some Anti-virus software was sensitive with Reghelp.exe

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ANN: Documentation Insight V3.0.12.20

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This minor update V3.0.12.20 includes the following changes:

Added secondary shortcuts for Cut/Copy/Paste(Shift+Del/Ctrl+Insert/Shift+Insert)
A property applied with <event> tag will be also identified as an event
Improved Pasting behaviors (Paste & Paste with Formatting)
Improved StayOnTop behavior of DocExplorer
Fixed a bug where some characters such as ‘<‘ missing when pasting


Documentation Insight 3 Roadmap

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Documentation Insight is a very popular code documentation solution for Delphi.  The latest version is Documentation Insight 3. To our surprise, more than 90% customers with Documentation Insight Enterprise subscription have renewed their subscriptions before they were expired.

By the coming of the X’mas & New Year, we published the roadmap of Documentation Insight 3. If you have any suggestions, you are welcome to leave comments or write to us (

Disclaimer: This information describes DevJet Software’s general product direction at this time, and should not be relied on in making a licensing decision. The future development, release, pricing and timeing of features and functionality remains at our sole discretion and may be changed at any time without notice.

1. Migration Tools

We have been requested by several users to help them migrate Doc-O-Matic/JavaDoc/Native comments to XMLDoc/Separated Documentation files. This feature is high priority.

2. Consider first-class support for JavaDoc & Native comment styles

3. Add PDF output

4. More tags and more information

Inherited <author>, <version>, <since> tags. Extract platform information, required packages, exports section, component icons, type hierarchies page, etc.

5. Customization of Table Of Contents

Allows you customize project name, the structure of the TableOfContents.

6. Improve the integration with other Help Authoring Software

Access topics/Insert a topic link to a H&M master project.

7. Hyperlinks to RAD Studio library symbols

Resolve symbols of RTL/VCL/FMX etc libraries and produce hyperlinks to online/offline RAD Studio Documentation.

8. Inherited documentation in DocInspector/DocExplorer

9. Insert Hyperlink with Live Search

10. Improve the Spell Checker (Checking spelling ONLY against content editable text)

11. Keep improving the underlying compiler

12. Keep improving the documentation editor & integration

e.g. Easier to change note type, code language, etc.

To discuss our product or get early access to Documentation Insight updates at first time, please join our community:

Thanks for your continued support.  May we wish you Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

Documentation Insight 3 Sneak Preview #2

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In previous preview, we experienced some brand new features in Documentation Insight 3, such as VS2012 presentation style, Inherited Documentation, Syntax Highlighter, Inheritance Hierarchy, etc. In this one, we will see two parts:

Part 1. Additional features about Documentation Generation.

1. FileName Policy

The new documentation generator supports three policies on file name generation:

* Signature

The generated file name will be basically same as the full name of a symbol.

e.g.  Spring.htm, Spring.IList(T).html

Special Rules:

a) For type parameters,  ‘<‘, ‘>’  will be replaced with ‘(‘ and ‘)’

b) If a method is not overloaded, its parameter type will not be added to the file name

c) For Operators, metadata name will be used.

* Unique Id

All file names will be random but unique id (like ‘a7ef980f.htm‘). All ids will be persisted into another file which will be loaded next time.

* Auto (Default)

By default,  the Signature policy will be used.  An unique id will be used and saved ONLY when a file name exceeds the max-path.

2. Lazy loading  for TableOfContents in Html


Online demo:

(P.S. you need to clear the browser cache if you have ever visited this url.)

3. Inherited documentation for property overrides

It will be very useful for component writers. for example:


Generated doc:



Part 2. New general features/improvements

External documentation repository

Documentation Insight 3 allows you to choose external documentation storage to keep source code clean. A fixed repository file (DocInsight.ini) will be placed in your project ROOT folder.


So no matter how you organized your projects in the directory, all source documentation files, which are organized by units, will be placed in the SourceDocs subfolder. (e.g. Spring.xml, Spring.Collections.xml)

A drawback is that the documentation will not be displayed in the built-in Help Insight feature. More details will be published in later documentation.

Documentation Inspector

* Automatically switch between Code Editor & Documentation Inspector when pressing the hotkey
* Auto focus and switch to design mode when shown

Documentation Explorer

* Document Member Summary

You will be able to document member summary just like enumerated members:


* Sync with current project group

* Remember window state

* Improve Mouse wheel handling

* Show Documentation Inspector (Ctrl+Shift+D)
* Show Documentation Explorer (Alt+Shift+N)
* Collapse documentation in the Code Editor (Alft+Shift+C)
* Expand documentation in the Code Editor (Alft+Shift+E)

Update options:
* Enable/Disable Automatic check for updates
* Update channel (Debug or Release)

New Generation Compiler

* Conditional defines (Initial conditional defines)
* Conditional expressions (e.g. {$IF defined(POSIX) and not defined(IOS)})
* Include file  (e.g. {$I})
* Search Paths
* Bug fixes


We will announce our Beta news on our Google Plus community, you are welcome to follow us on G+

Documentation Insight 3 Sneak Preview #1

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Documentation Insight 3 is a brand new version. It includes significant new features and improvements. Since it is close to announce first Beta version of Documentation Insight (DI) 3, let’s take a look at some parts of DI3 in this Sneak Preview series.

In this preview, you will experience the new Documentation Generator.

1. VS 2012 Presentation style

Compared to previous classic presentation, the new VS2012 (like) presentation style in DI 3 is more clean and elegant.


2. Group by Projects

You may organize the units by Projects. The documentation in project source will be showed in the corresponding topic.

3. Inheritance Hierarchy


For class and interface types, all base types and derived types are showed in the inheritance hierarchy.

4. Syntax Highlighter

Both the syntax prototype and code examples will be highlighted.


5. Inherited Members & Filters



All inherited members will be displayed in the member list. You may also filter the members by clicking the right check boxes (inherited /protected)

6. Information on Overloads/Overridden/Implements

There will be additional information if a member has overloads, or overridden a member, or what methods of interfaces was implemented by this method.





Method resolution clause is also supported.

7. Inherited Docs

The documentation generator will try to reveal documentation from overridden members or implemented members. Say you documented an interface IList<T> and TList<T> implements the interface, then All members of TList<T> will inherit documentation from the interface IList<T> if available.

8. Improvements about hyperlinks in code

We spent several months to reveal Delphi grammar and built our own compiler front-end from scratch. Therefore, it is possible to resolve symbols in code.


9. Default documentation

For some code elements, we may choose default (friendly) documentation. e.g. For constructor/destructor/class constructor/class destructor/class operators/resource strings. Say for an instance constructor, its default documentation may looks like:

Initializes a new instance of  the TFoo class.

10. More XMLDoc tags

If you want exclude an member from your final documentation file,  you may apply self closed <exclude /> tag against the API. If a property should be taken as an event, you may apply <event /> tag to it. (e.g. property OnChanged: Event<TNotifyEvent>;)


Online Demo:


Known issues in the demo:

* Some keywords will not be highlighted.

* The default topic was not synced in the TableOfContents.


Future work on Documentation Generator:

* Supports Overloads

* Resolve RTL/VCL symbols and produce hyperlinks to online RAD Studio Library DocWiki. (Or maybe even the MSHelp2 links)

* Consider PDF/Html Search

ANN: Documentation Insight Maintenance update (Supports XE4 and 2006)

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Documentation Insight is a professional source code documentation solution for Delphi. This maintenance update includes:


+ Support RAD Studio XE4
+ Support Delphi 2006 (with Update 2)
# Missing file extension when clicking “New Project” and modified the default file name
# Possible missing documentation of exceptions