ANN: Important Changes to Documentation Insight and Biggest Offer

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1. What is Documentation Insight?

Documentation Insight helps you document Delphi source code and produce professional API documentation files. The latest version of Documentation Insight is V3.5.11.24.

2. What changes to the product?

a) Edition

Two editions: Professional and Enterprise. All documentation-generation features were only available in the Enterprise edition.
Since Nov 24th, 2016, we only offer SINGLE edition for the product named as Documentation Insight Ultimate. All Enterprise edition users will be migrated to the Ultimate for free. The Professional edition is only available for existing active customers.

b) Pricing

Documentation Insight Enterprise
New Registration: $319
Renewal: $149/yr

Documentation Insight Ultimate
New Registration: $249
Renewal: $99/yr

3. Any further development plan?

Yes. We plan to introduce next major Version (DocInsight 5) in early 2017. A few noticeable features are:
* Introducing markdown support (integration markdown topics to generated documentation at first)
* Improvements on generated documentation
* Significant improvements on the internal compiler
* More tags & customization ability
* Much more…

4. What is the offer?

By the coming of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we offer 40% off for new customers. So you may take this opportunity to buy Documentation Insight Ultimate subscription with ONLY $149 (which is about 55% off compared to the old price).

Special offer for existing Professional edition customers or inactive Enterprise edition customers:
Get new Ultimate version with ONLY $69 for the first period. Please write to if you are interested (with serial number or by registered Email).

Note: All offers are valid until Nov 28, 2016.

ANN: Documentation Insight Update V3.3.6.9

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Documentation Insight minor update V3.3.6.9 fixed the following issues:

  • Fixed error ‘Invalid source array’ for UTF8 files (REGRESSION)
  • Fixed error ‘No member declaration found for the symbol.’ in SysUtils.pas
  • Fixed “Catastrophic error” in System.pas


If you have any problems about the version, please let us know.

P.S. To get early Beta Access at first time, please join our online Google Plus Community.

ANN: Documentation Insight Released (Support XE7)

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We have released an update of Documentation Insight 3 with XE7 support and some improvements.

Documentation Insight V3.2.9.7
Added: Support RAD Studio XE7
Added: Support IE8
Improved: reghelp.exe now finds h2reg.exe in both local machine & current user
Improved: Sort units and other code elements in Table Of Contents by name
Improved: DocInsight.exe can now run without requesting Administrator permission
Fixed: Potential encoding issue in CHM generation
Fixed: reghelp.exe may fail to create process in some cases

ANN: About Documentation Insight Express Edition

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Documentation Insight makes it much easier to document Delphi source code. It helps you produce professional API documentation output (Online Sample) in various formatting and integrate your own API documentation into RAD Studio documentation.

As some users inquired, We offered the free Express edition which was integrated as a Third-Party Add-In since RAD Studio XE2. However, for some reason, we had requested Embarcadero to remove Documentation Insight Express edition since RAD Studio XE6. For users which are interested in Documentation Insight, you may try our regular editions (Professional/Enterprise).

To get more information about the product, please visit

The Feature Matrix is also available

Anytime, if you have any questions, feel free to write to us (