FREE Documentation Insight licenses for Active Open Source Projects

Written by Baoquan Zuo on . Posted in Announcements, Documentation Insight

There are so many good open source projects in the Delphi community and most of us can benefit from them. However, it often appears that we are not sure about the usage of a class, a method or a parameter as they are not documented in the source code.

Documentation Insight is a powerful documentation tool which can help us visually read and write documentation in the IDE. Many users are very pleased with it. We think it will be great if more and more open source projects are well documented. So if you are the author or one of major comitters of an active open source project, you may have an opportunity to get a FREE license of Documentation Insight.

Note: The donated license should be used for non-commericial use in principle but you can get a BIG discount if you wanna order it for commercial use.

To get more information on Documentation Insight, please visit the Product page:


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